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While it may not be the most comfortable subject to discuss, the health of your colon and rectum is important to your overall health. At Alabama Colon & Rectal Institute – affectionately coined “The Butt Hut” – we understand that it may be embarrassing to discuss, or even admit, when you’re experiencing issues with your colon or rectum. But we are here to help!

Our board-certified colon and rectal physicians have been in the business for 30 years. We do our best to make sure each patient is comfortable during their visit, and create customized treatment plans to ensure we address each patient’s unique condition.

Our Physicians

At Alabama Colon & Rectal Institute, we have a unique perspective on what we do. We know that it’s not an easy topic to discuss or even to admit that you may have an issue with, but our board-certified colorectal surgeons are highly-trained and experienced with a variety of colorectal conditions and treatment options. We work to ensure that our patients understand the condition and the recommended treatments at our Birmingham clinic.

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Our Staff

Our office staff at Alabama Colon & Rectal Institute are highly-trained and provide our patients with friendly, knowledgeable service, ensuring that each patient feels comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situation. We know that colorectal diseases and conditions are difficult to discuss, but we are here to help. Our patients will never experience judgment or discrimination in our Birmingham, Alabama clinic, and we strive to provide comfort and effective treatments for our patients.

Meet our office team below, and look forward to our friendly, welcoming faces on your next visit.